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A.Brigadere “Spriditis”

The tale is based on one of the most famous Latvian children book writer Anna Brigadere popular novel Spriditis . Tale is about little boy Spriditis (wee small boy, little bigger than Tom Thumb), who leaves his father house and takes one’s steps to the world to seek one’s fortune.
On his way he face hardships and learns to overcome them, with a bless of Mother of Winds and Woodsy Mother – he struggles with Winds, he saves children from Giant Lutausis, he suffer hassles at Misers, and he saves court and Princess from Devil.
After all he understands that the best place over the whole world is home.
The show includes gigantic masks.


Spriditis has received a lot of praise for the visual expressiveness: main Festival Award at Riga Amateur Theatre Festival “Riga Plays Theatre 2004” and nominated for successful pedagogic work, visual expressiveness of performance and coherent creative team; Festival Award and nominated for the ability to enliven the text and the ability to intelligently build a staging in Festival International de Theatre d’Enfants et de Theatre Jeunes 2006 in Toulouse, France; has received Festival Award and nominated for creativeness, patient and consistent stage work on performance at XI International Children and Youth Theatre Festival “Wigraszek 2012” in Suwalki, Poland; received Festival Award and nominated for rich creative individuality and mass work in X International Children Theatre Festival “Brancevskij Festival” 2009 in S-Petersburg, Russia.

Recommended age: 4+
Duration 40 min.

Director – Laura Paegle
Composer – Imants Kalniņš
Choreographer – Liene Stepena, Māris Koristins

Stage, costume design – Agne Mennika, Ieva Lapiņa
Puppets – Anda Raņķe
Sound – Sintija Heine

Sprīdītis – Jānis Burmistris or Miks Burmistris