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Dz.Rinkule-Zemzare “Adventures of the lazy Piglet

Everyone in the countryside has their own responsibilities: the Rooster awakens everyone in the morning, and then catches the grain. Dog eats bone, Cat catches mouse, Goat build’s up house. But what does the Piglet do? He loves to eat and sleep. Why work? The laziness of the Piglet is known to everybody, including the forest animals, so the Wolf decides to get the Piglet out of the house to the forest. Along the way Piglet meets Rabbit, Squirrel and Hedgehog, but in their warnings he does not listen and continues his way to the rich wild Boar. Will he be rescued?


Recommended age: 4+
Duration 40 min.

Director – Laura Paegle

Stage, costume design – Agne Mennika, Ieva Lapiņa
Puppets, masks – Anda Raņķe

Piglet – Elza Elizabete Neilande