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Gianni Rodari „Cipollino”

Colorful and dynamic play about little Cipollinos fight with knight Tomato and army of lemmons.
Gianni Rodarri (1920 – 1980) is one of the remarkable 20th-century children’s writers. The books of his, it’s a school, school for mind and heart. The main lesson in Gianni books is the lesson of freedom. Writers task is to teach children to be independent, integer, honest and righteous. So that every child, like Cipollino, learns to distinguish crooks, and to be on the right side.

Tales main characters are vegetables and fruits, like hardworking and calculations craftsman Grape, helpful boy Cherry from an aristocratic family, who is wiling to go to school with the village children, not in his sophisticated home learning, Millipede family, Leek with extraordinary long moustache, for which the Baron Lemon is ready to rank him for a Silver Moustache Knight.

Every step in the play displays the diference between the simple folks goodness and the aristocrats impunity.

Tomato: Why aren’t you working right now?
Cipollino: I’m not working, i’m a student.
Tomato: And what are you studying?
Cipollino: I’m studying crooks!

Director Laura Paegle: “Colourful characters from the tale have found a bright scenic rig on the stage of theatre „Zīļuks”. Lively italian Cipollino is a spiritual relative to our Sprīdītis. Actually this tale can be about every boy, who goes alone in to the big world, about a boy – seeker, a boy – fighter, a boy – difficulties   overcomer.

Recommended age: 4+
Duration: 54 min.
Genre: Fairy tale

The show was created in collaboration with “Latvijas valsts Meži” corporation

Director – Laura Paegle
Music – Atvars Sirmais, Lyrics– Dina Bitēna Sirmā

Stage, costume design – Agne Mennika, Ieva Lapiņa
Sound – Sintija Heine
Stage-manager – Gerds Lapoška un Frederiks Sebastians Anosovs


Cipollino – Jānis Burmistris or Gustavs Pakalnieks