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Erlend Loe “Kurt stews to clear his head”

“Kurt stews to clear his head” is a hilarious story of a man named Kurt, his family, integration and the state. Curt works as a truck driver in port and one day opening the container he finds there something amazing … and very, very…. surprising.

What to do if face to face you bump into different, dissimilar? Is it possible to accept it? Do we have to be polite and understanding towards other people? And whether is it easy? We hope that this show will encourage viewers to think and find answers to these questions.

The work was created on Norwegian writer Loe Erlend book “Kurt four books” the fourth paragraph “Kurt stews to clear his head” motifs.
The show was created in collaboration with the NGO “Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art”.

Recommended age: 7+
Duration: 50 min.

Director – Laura Paegle
Stage, costume design – Agne Mennika, Ieva Lapiņa
Coreographer – Liene Stepena, Māris Koristins
Composer – Silvija Silava


Music – Edward Grieg

Sound – Sintija Heine
Stage – manager – Gerds Lapoška, Frederiks Sebastians Anosovs

Kurt – Rūdis Bebrišs
Bud – Jānis Burmistris
Anna Lise – Terēza Drāzniece