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Motion performance “The Fairy Tale”

This is a story about the moment when a girl gets into the world of a colourful poem. She is seeking for home, but the question is…does she want to return?

“Ideas can be found in air, music, poetry and many other places.But the idea of „The Fairy tail” was found in a cartoon. This was one of the childhoods most magical, emotional and favorite cartoon. That’s how Rozes Stiebras drawn animation, with Aspazijas poem, Zigmara Liepiņa music and Mirdzas Zīveres voice turned into an inspiration for a motion play. (Director Madara Juška-Grundberga)

Recomended age: 7+
Duration: 15 min.

DirectorMadara Juška-Grundberga
Choreography assistant Liene Stepena
RepetitorIrina Panovska

CostumesAgne Mennika
MusicZigmars Liepiņš
Poem Aspazija

Lead role – meitene, Sabīne Dzierkale